Do you want vital statistical information about real estate in your Metro Vancouver communities that makes more sense? Register here today to obtain your complimentary copy for next months reports.

SnapStats™, is a monthly statistical report emailed to you FREE of charge that will educate you on the following:

  • What the official market type* is for individual price ranges. Is it a buyers, sellers or balanced market?
  • What the official market type is for individual neighbourhoods?
  • What the odds are of a home selling today?
  • The past twelve month trends for sale prices, active listings and number of sales?

SnapStats™ will educate you about opportunities of current inventory levels, prices and official market types today so that you can capitalize on these markets tomorrow.

*Official Market Types according to the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver and most industry analysts:

  • 14% and less: Buyers Market
  • 15% – 20%: Balanced Market
  • 21% and greater: Sellers Market 


View some sample report pages below:

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